Sunday, March 20, 2011

itty bitty update

Doctor visit on the 30th of this month for me to find out all that i can about the baby in me belly. Yay! And Jacob and i have finally picked out names for our baby that we can both agree on. (So since i'm telling you my baby's name, i might as well tell you that Jacob's real name is Jesse and my real name is Joanna. Random tidbit of info for ya'll there.) If it's a girl, her name will be Fate Alice. And if it's a boy, his name will be Dorian Raven. Jesse swears he has a feeling that it's a girl, but i think it's just because he really wants a girl. I don't know, sometimes i get the feeling that it's a girl, sometimes i think it's gonna be a boy. Hard to tell... yet. Maybe i'll know soon though!
Still haven't got any of that money that the government is supposed to be sending me, so i can't get the laptop just yet, but hopefully soon. I'd love to get caught back up on all of your blogs. I miss you sooooooo much!
But yeah, that's really all i've got to say at this point in time. Stay strong, my dears. All my love.


  1. I'm so happy for you!!!! My fingers are crossed that everything is well and good!! Give us as many updates as possible :D
    I love the baby names!!!!
    <3 sending you love

  2. Oh, lovely those are awesome names!!

    I fully think you should blog about the "joys" of being pregnant. All the good things and the bad. Feeling the kicking and seeing the scans as well as f%$@*^@ing morning sickness and when the lovely little fetus sits on your sciatic nerve. (Kim's spawn did that while she was here. Poor Kimmeh was NOT happy!)

    Soooo hoping it's a boy! I love the name Dorian :p

  3. I don't know why but I picture you having a girl. Random I know! Anyway thats funny that she's gonna be named Fate Alice(if its a girl) becuse my neices name is Alice Lilian and my first daughter(unless I have twins where ones a girl and ones a boy) is gonna be named Mary Alice! LOL! We're doing that because of our great grandma who died last year. Anyway can't wait to hear news about the baby! Praying for you and the baby hun!
    Love,Mimi Bentley

  4. All my love to the three of you Jo!