Monday, March 21, 2011


I think i felt the baby moving for the first time last night and then again this morning! It felt like butterflies and bubbles in my belly. I tried to feel it from the outside with my hand because i so wanted to share that feeling with Jesse, but neither one of us felt anything that way. Not yet, not yet. Still, it was really really exciting, and i really wanted to share it with all of you. OMG i have a baby in my belly!!!! I guess i should have known that already....but the reality really just sank in fully for the first time. Crazy stuff... I hope its a cutie! Lol.


  1. Oh my goodness, congratulations! =]

  2. wow, how far along are you? My sisters both said you start feeling the baby move around 16 weeks, so you're about 4 months pregnant? how exciting!

    Babies are awfully expensive! better save that laptop money for baby diapers, yikes!!


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  4. Wow, I'm behind on reading and I missed your good news! I'm so happy for you, congratulations on the baby!!! :) I bet you'll have a little girl. Sometimes I get feelings about these things. But I could be wrong! A boy would be lovely, too. Boys tend to stay close to their mothers, and their baby weight comes off quicker; a sign you might be having a boy is if (when you're at about 6-7 months) if you're "carrying" him high--like your stomach is up a bit instead of hanging a little at the bottom. That might be a myth, but it was true when I watched the movie Juno; I was like "she's gonna have a boy, her tummy's up by her chest!!" And I was right. Ellen Page was a very pretty pregnant woman though, even at the bad moments in that movie....

    Anyway! Loooonnng comment!

    Two last tips: 1) paint the baby's room green. Then it won't matter if it's a boy or a girl, and also, BABIES CRY LESS IN GREEN ROOMS. It's been scientifically studied; yellow is hardest to see of all colors and green is the easiest. Which is funny because they're so close to each other! But any lesser amount of crying is a good thing! I suggest a pastel green, maybe mint. 2) I know you have names picked out for the baby and I love them (especially the boy name, Dorian is lovely!), but make sure it feels right when you see him or her. Sometimes seeing the baby can change your mind about what the name should be! That's why happened to my brother--he was supposed to be Robert after my grandfather but then my dad was like "Oh please let's name him after me??" haha :)

    You probably aren't even ready to think about room design yet though, are you? :) Sorry! All I can say is, don't buy a ton of baby books to guide you or anything. Just listen to your doctor, take pre-natal vitamins, and maybe buy something on infant illnesses/sleep-and-eating patterns, just basics. You don't need to freak out about playing the right lullabyes or buying the correct mind-stimulating toys when baby can't even sit up yet :D I have so many relatives/friends who have gone all-out crazy worrying about how to make sure their child "develops" right, etc., and it's not really necessary you know? I think you'll be very level-headed about it though. Keep being excited about the baby, he/she is a wonderful gift for you!

    Good luck, and congratulations again! You will be a wonderful mother and Jesse will be a wonderful father. It's so amazing, I can tell you love your baby very much :)

    silent reader

  5. i have to add in, that i was pregnant up to my chin and had a girl LOL :)

    and a way to save money on diapers is to get the cloth diapers, they are a pain in the ass, but you spend $500 and are set for pretty much the whole time the baby is in them. regular diapers cost up to $4000 for an average of 3 years of wearing them. yep. ALOT!!!

    also, breastfeeding is the best thing and it's free, so do it if you can and for as long as possible. some state insurances will cover a decent breast pump so see if yours does! Plus breastfeeding burns calories lol, you do just have to make sure you are feeding yourself so your milk supply doesnt dry up.

    also, your baby will look just as cute in hand-me downs he does in super expensive stuff, so head to the consignment shops and buy stuff from there.. they grow so fast anyway, buying $12 sweats for the baby is such a waste.

    sorry, on my soapbox here.. lol just remember how it was when i was preggers.. hehehe