Saturday, May 29, 2010

Too Much Information...

"Bloody hell!" i muttered and shot to the bathroom as quickly as i could. "What is with this ridiculousness?"
Ana giggled. "It happens every time you eat. I'd take that as a sign that you should no longer eat."
I groaned and doubled over from the pain in my stomach as i sat on the toilet. "Would you please just shut up, at least until this passes?"
She smothered another giggle with her bony hand. "Sorry," she scoffed. "I just can't help how funny it is that you have to run to the toilet every single time you eat anything anymore."
"I just don't understand it at all. Why would my body reject food like that? Before it used to be common constipation, and now it's common to get the runs for about an hour after i eat." I shrugged. "I guess i can't really complain that much about it. I am getting rid of what i just ate... just in a rather unpleasant way."
"Mia would be thrilled," Ana said with a wicked little smile. "And quite honestly, i am too. How can you get rid of food that way without even touching laxxies?"
I just rolled my eyes. "I thought i told you to shut up."
"You did, but then you continued the talking so i joined in."
"Whatever. Just stop adding to my pain."

*Does any of that happen to any of you? And do you have any idea what might be causing it? I just want rid of it!*

**oh, and here's a picture of the prom dress... ignore my fatness in it... and quite honestly, i think something's screwed up with the picture and it's squished so i look even fatter than i am. Ugh.**


  1. You honestly look really pretty :] Yay for putting a name to your face ^^
    That's really weird..I have no idea why your body would do that :S
    Hopefully you feel better, that can't be too fun at all x.x

  2. i like both dresses!

    and yeah ive read winter girls buut its not based on a true story so it doesnt effect me as much if you get what i mean?

  3. You look GREAT in the dress- LOVE your shoulders and collarbone and the dress is so romantic!
    A similar thing was happening to me awhile ago, NO idea how or why and I don't know how to get rid of it either. ( It stopped when I went family visiting and ate so much. put on a TON of weight so I do no recommend it!)

    Um make sure you're drinking lots of water and maybe try BRAT for a day?
    BRAT= bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. My mom fed it to us as kids for stomach related issues.

    Let me know if something works, I'm willing to bet it'll happen to me again eventually. :/

  4. For the past two weeks I've had either severe diarrhea or puking episodes. I've gotten so used to it and the love of losing weight that i now use laxatives or induce puking days that my body doesn't create it's on havoc. weird, i know.

  5. That happens to me too, but I have yet to find out why.
    Oh, and you look beautiful in the prom dress (:

  6. Oh my god... I mean you probable won't believe me but that dress is absolutely beautiful on you! Ah but the other one would look so nice too! Oh well, no matter which one you choose, you look gorgeous and your man is lucky to have you. :) Yeah, that happens to me too... I really don't know how to avoid it though, sorry...

    Love you big like the sky!

  7. wow! you look stunning! really. the dress is gorgeous and you look so skinny in it.
    and that doesn't happen to me but i've heard its a common side effect of restricting, its just your body being super confused about whats going on.
    but i missed you too!
    its good to be back(:

  8. beautiful! ur so thin wow. what have u been eating lately. sometimes sugar free candy acts as a laxitive lol

  9. It's gorgeous! You look amazing. Aaaaand it goes with Jacob's outfit rather nicely.

    You could have IBS. I do. It strikes whenever I'm stressed out. Also, I have problems with things that have too much fiber (who would've thought there was such a thing?) and certain protein/fat combinations (ice cream is death).

    IBS is very common in women with high anxiety levels, particularly if there is any history of abuse.

  10. That used to happen to me after days of fasting, but I'd also get extremely nauseous. I think it may have had to do with my stomach shrinking.
    ps. that dress is really pretty=]

  11. On occasion when I eat, I (involuntarily) throw up. I don't know if my insides are just screwed up or what, but try taking anti-diarrhea tablets.
    The prom dress is beautiful on you and does go well with Jacob's outfit. The other dress is lovely too, but for purely practical reasons, you will probably only wear it once and have to store it away! My prom dress is still taking up half my closet, 3 years on. Generally go for what will make you feel the most confident and special on your day.

  12. Yeah that used to happen to me. Weird things like that. Sometimes it's a lot of pain. Sometimes it's theruns. Sometimes my body throws it up (Ive only ever purposely purged 3 times so it's not because of that) ithink Ana just messes with the body so much it does weird things.

    And I live the dress. It's very pretty. And it looks good on you. And you don't look fat. :) I know you might not believe it because most Ana people don't believe compliments but I promise it's true :)

  13. Dress looks fab :) and this is all I could find about the toilet situation... dunno how reliable it is, but yeah. Hope it clears up soon. I know I had some issues with my health a month after stopping restricting, but they did clear up after about a month too, so hopefully it'll work the same for you :)

  14. ...perhaps pregnancy? don't know if that's an issue for you or not, but it was my first thought.

  15. It's beautiful! You're beautiful!

  16. I don't know that happens to me sometimes, but usually only if I eat too much. And that dress is amazing!! I love it!!

  17. Oh my, Jo!! You look soooo freaking cute!!! And I think you are right: that dress goes better with Jacobs outfit.
    As for the other thing... Maybe it has to do with the fact that Ana is making you some sort of nervous... And if you eat nervous, your body is going to tell you. In one way or the other... Because sometimes we don't realize we are nervous at all... Until things like this happen.
    Hope you get better! And if this keeps happening, please see a doctor!
    Lots of kisses!!

  18. I think the dress is totally glam! Might put a sleeveless black cardigan with it. Too much vitamin C can cause the runs. And if you're not eating much, and eat something high in vit C... that would do it.