Thursday, May 27, 2010

Indecisive Me

So about the dress in the last post, it's gonna be that OR my one friend's prom dress, which is beautiful too... I just don't know because part of me is in love with the dress that we found online, but my friend's prom dress is free and will go better with Jacob's outfit. I wish i could post a picture of the prom dress and get your help deciding... Because i really can't decide what i want. I want to be able to save the money, but i also want that dress that we'd have to buy really badly.

Anyway, enough of my random rants that have nothing to do with what this blog is about. As far as eating once a day and working out... yeah, neither is happening. :/ I don't know. Let's blame it on my lack of self control and motivation. Sure, Jacob eating around me and offering to me doesn't help, but he's not forcing me to eat any of the times that he is. And i suppose the fact that he's having enough physical issues to not want to work out much for fear that it'll mess something up more than it already is (We're not really sure what's wrong. It might be because he has some truly bad teeth that could be infecting his body, which we're in the process of getting taken out.) doesn't particularly help me work out because i don't want to do anything without him. But i need to get my act together and learn how to say no to the food and get some workout routines (if any of you have some good ones, i'd love to see them and start them, so please share them with me) and STICK WITH THEM. Ugh. I really do frustrate myself sometimes. I frustrate Ana even more than i frustrate myself though...
But i hope you all are doing much better than i am in reaching your goals. Right now i'm going to be off to read some of your blogs and hopefully find some motivation in them. Remember, I love you all so very much! Stay strong and beautiful.


  1. Take the free dress. Think of all the other things you could do with the money. Even $500 is a good start on a down payment on a home. Dental work isn't cheap, surely you could put the money towards Jacob's teeth. These things last forever. I'm married, believe me, the wedding is over in the blink of an eye. What you wear really DOES NOT MATTER.

    Instead of trying to find a workout routine you can stick to, try to find as many different ones as possible and switch up constantly. It keeps me from getting bored.

  2. Maybe allow urself to eat 3 times a day keeping under 1000 cals until u regain back my experience that is the only thing that seems to stick, start high and slowly whittle it down same with working out, set urself two must do workouts for the week and slowly build, it doesn't seem so hard then.

    I hope things start going better soon =)

    And im sure jacob will feel better after he gets his teeth out, my sister was told she'd feel amazing after she got hers out (wisdom and back molars) because ur body is under constant infection when u have rotting teeth, so she hadn't felt fully healthy in 5 years.


  3. aaw that's such a horrible decision to have to make! This is the dress u gona have to look at in photos for the next 70 years... but it's also just a dress and not worth being bankrupt for... hmm. I hate decisions. Flip a coin?

  4. Hey, Jo! First of all: I hope Jacob gets better soon.
    And as for the routine... What is working for me right now (and I'm soooooo freaking lazy!) is to be committed with one friend. We both are lazy as shit, so we came up with this: we will work out (we both have elliptic machines at home) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for as long as we can take it. And if one doesn't, then she is falling the other. So, we feel pressured not to let a friend down... I don't know... Maybe is silly. But it is really helping us!
    So, I hope it might work out for u too!
    Lots of kisses!!