Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Fatie had a fantastic birthday. :) She smashed her cake and figured out how to open and play with all her gifts. I ate some cake today, but that was to be expected anyway, so ana hasn't said anything at all about it. Hope you all enjoy the pics. There's a couple with Jesse in, and a couple with me in, but most are just Fate by herself.


  1. first of all belated Happy Birthday fate !
    her eyes are so innocent,is that u?! u are simply Beautiful dear..nd is that ur bf..ahemmm..well he is undoubtedly handsome..gorgeous family..nd never mind to eat a piece if cake in such memorable occasions :)

  2. OMG SHE IS ADORABLE! So cute my head just exploded into candy. Lol, smashing cake is more fun than fingerpainting because you can put it all over other people's faces and they don't get mad XD


    You're in the Nightmare Before Christmas Tshirt, right? I'm assuming that gorgeous lady is you. I love your haircut! I wish I had the face shape to pull it off, so envious of your lucky face-shape genetics :p

    I hope ana stays quiet and leaves you alone. You don't need her to suck you in with bullshit and make you feel bad. You're awesome without her!

    Love you <3

  3. Oh my god!! She's gorgeous! The cutest thing ever! You are doing a wonderful job at being a mom!