Monday, September 24, 2012


"Saw your face, my hand you took, just like in a storybook, and, you got me. Yeah, you've got me. I can't even argue, couldn't cuz it's true. Now you've got me. Yeah, you've got me, got me wrapped up in your pocket. Don't know how you won my heart cuz i locked it. Yeah i locked it...."
-She and Him: Got Me

She's back... not full-force yet, though i know she will soon figure out how to get there. I keep telling myself i'm not going to let her take control like she used to. I mean it, really i do, but i'm not even sure if it's possible. I don't even understand why i want her so badly. When it comes to sexual attractiveness, i prefer a woman with some nice proportionate curves... so why on earth would i want to be a stick figure!? 
As of right now, her plan for me is something that i don't think anyone could really object to. She wants me to cut out all junk food, do a short yoga routine daily, and not worry about anything else. I don''t see how this is a bad plan at all, so i'm going with it. How could i not go with it? She's my first love, and there's not a reason to object to such a harmless plan. I've been doing it for about a week already, and i had a couple slip-ups, but she didn't freak on me, just told me to try again. This was how it started when i first met her though...she seemed so harmless and turned into a monster beyond belief. But i won't let her turn into a monster this time... i think. Wish me luck.

On a side note, i seem to have lost a lot of the bloggers i followed. They've just stopped posting out of the blue. This makes me so sad. I'm hoping they're in recovery or too busy with a wonderful happy life to worry about blogging, but i'm still worried about them. If i follow you and you haven't posted in a while, but you're still here, please leave me a comment telling me you're alright. 
The positive side to this is that it gives me some time to check out new blogs. If you need a new follower, comment me with your link and i'll check you out.


  1. welcome back :)..btw yoga helps a lot in toning up..i thnk u'l do good..stay strong..xoxo

  2. welcome back! i know what you mean i have been on here for 4 years and most of the people i follow dont post anymore :(

  3. I hope you can keep her from taking your life over again. You're too good for that bitch!

    I know what you mean about the bloggers. So many people have dropped off the face of the earth and I'm really worried. Do you remember SBB and PrettyWreck and Minaralou? They're some I really worry about.

    Take care of yourself. Love you so much!

  4. Hey lovie!
    I'm really glad you are back!
    Yoga + no junk food can only be a good way to stay healthy for you and to give a good example to your baby girl
    Oh, and happy birthday to Fatie baby for tomorrow!!

  5. I read all your posts but that was in like a two month span. I'm a recent follower but my blog is
    Good luck. :)

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