Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A bit of progress... not in the way i look, but in getting on my way to fixing that. Jacob and i got a mini fridge and a bunch of healthy food, so now i won't be eating fast food every single day (or any day at all) like i was there for the past month. It should really be a lot better. He's telling me he's going to get my workout equipment tomorrow (but he's been saying that for the past week or so... We'll see how that goes). But at least i'm in control of the food that i eat now! I'm excited. Trying to come up with a plan that i'll stick to. Any ideas? What plans are you all following?
It'll all be better soon. :) Things are definitely looking up. Hope you all are doing even better! Best wishes and lots of kisses!


  1. I'm glad you get to choose your own food now :D.
    I try to stay under 500 calories everyday, drink tons of water, and work out.


  2. have you ever tried the 2468 diet? its super easy and a lot faster than ABC. HERE's how it goes:

    Day 1: 200 Cals
    Day 2: 400 Cals
    Day 3: 600 Cals
    Day 4: 800 Cals
    Day 5: 600 Cals
    Day 6: 400 Cals
    Day 7: 200 Cals
    Day 8: Fast (rinse and repeat!)

    after the fast day you can start back at day 1 and eat 200 and work back through it. :) its not to difficult, and you lose a lot of weight! you can also work through it backwards starting at 800, going down to a fast and working back up to 800. all depends on what you wanna do darling. I think you'd enjoy it. :)