Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Have My Heart

I'm back for now. I should be able to catch up and post more often... because once again we've had to move. Jacob's sister stole my ipod and my immature response was to tear down the pictures on her wall and burn them. Yes, it may have been over-reacting, but she's stolen so much from me and the ipod was the last straw. (Fortunately, i got it back though.) Anyway, she was quite upset that i did that and said she was going to go live with her dad. Her mother is mad at Jacob and i for "making her lose her daughter" and doesn't want us staying there anymore. BUT now we're living with his aunt, who has internet access... till we can find our own place. So i'm back.
Anyways, i've been doing truly awful with eating.... stress eating a lot. So i'm not in the mood to update on that failure... sorry.
But i just got here and read all of your comments. I was in a badly depressed mood, and then i read your comments. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE! You made me smile so much, and i feel so much better. Thank you for your love. *hugs*


  1. Been a long time .... I hope your life settles down. You're so young to be going through all of this. I hope you're able to settle down and make a home of your own soon.

  2. Sorry you're not doing so well, but everyone on here really does love you. Never forget that.

  3. I hope you can post more often! I love reading your thoughts.
    Sorry things haven't been so great intake-wise.
    You'll be back on track in no time. Get rid of that stress, girl!
    *hugs back* ! :)
    Stay superstrong! <3

  4. yayayayayay you're backk! I missed you(: