Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know i know, i said i was gonna post more often and now i'm not... but we got kicked out of the place we were living for drama that didn't even happen so once again my world is kinda upside down and i've got so much going on. Just know that i haven't forgotten you all and i love you insanely. Jacob can always tell when i get online whether i'm blogging or not because when i am i have a smile. I promise to update you more here sometime soon. Hugs and love to all of you!


  1. awe, i hope everything starts working out for you. If the phrase "what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger" is true, your probably bullet proof chickie!€ hugs!

  2. Im amazed on everything that you go through, and yet you make it through! You're life sounds so tough but you never give up, and that is something to be so proud of.

  3. oh nooo ): I'm so sorry! I hope you find somewhere that's doubly better(:
    good luck though
    mucho lovo!


  4. Aw, that's sweet! Can't wait to hear more from you. <3
    stay strong <3


  5. i hope it all gets better hun!
    i know lately i've been so lazy about posting :(
    i hope everything gets better for you hun!!
    keep us as updated as you can ;)

  6. Hey I'm so glad dat I found ur profile I was diagnosed as ana when I was younger I was put into recovery in 2008 but now I'm back I no longer have my parents counting my calories so thanks for the inspiration and now I can go back down to 110 pounds

  7. At least you have good reason to not be blogging so much, I always say I'll blog more and hardly ever do :) I'll keep watching for another post! *hugs*

  8. Please give recovery another shot. Please.

  9. I miss you, I miss you so. I don't want you to come back if it means you aren't feeling happier but I miss you so very badly. I feel completely alone at the moment, I've lost my best friend who was more than a friend and I am alone. But most importantly, I hope you are holding out and doing okay, because you are a beautiful, beautiful person, and I wish I could send you a letter for Christmas like last year! I suppose if you don't have a permanant address, it is difficult... If you ever do find a place to stay please please tell me and I will send you tons of love in a way only actual letters can. I miss you, Jo, and your stories, and your wit, and your sensitivity, and your soul.

    Love you bigger than the sky, still

  10. Hi,
    I have been reading some of your blog and I am concerned about you. It sounds to me like you have a very serious eating disorder. Eating disorders are the deadliest of all of the psychiatric disorders. It starts out so innocently but can slowly take over and ruin your life. This is what happened to my daughter and I don't want to see this happen to anyone else. It sounds like you have a supportive boyfriend who would be willing to help you. There is help for you and you can recover from this but the longer you let it go the harder it is to treat and change. Please ask your Doctor or call the eating disorder hotline near you and ask for help. You can get better and don't need to live like this.