Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Okay

If i say it enough, maybe i'll believe it: It's OK. I'm just tired. Little pointless things make me cry (or want to; i'm too stubborn to actually let the tears come). Yesterday i woke wanting to cut, and that longing stayed with me all day. It's still there today, just more subtle. The crazy part is that i have no idea why. I mean, sure, i'm tired of not having my own house to live in, and i'm tired of being fat (even though that's my own dumb fault), but that's no excuse for being so emotional and dumb like i am right now. Everything either pisses me off or makes me want to hide away and cry. I don't know what the hell to do. BUT IT'S OK! Saying that will help.... right?


  1. Everyone feels that way every once in a while... it will pass!
    You Can Do This :D

  2. I know this sounds very sadistic... or I guess it would be considered masochistic... but when I want to cut.. I enjoy getting bit and choked lol... like sexually ahaha

    i'm weird I guess lol...

    hope the feeling goes away though

  3. Not just saying it, but believing that things really will be ok. This is staying strong. Feeling weak just means that you're conscious and toughing it out, even if it doesn't seem that way.
    Much love :)

  4. i can understand where you're at hun, but don't do it! cutting won't make you more beautiful! believe me, pretty is the last thing i could possibly think of when i look at my arms and thighs.
    It will get better, no matter how hard that is to believe.

  5. yes. it will. just keep saying "it's ok" and you will believe it. stay strong!

  6. im not sure what your relationship is like with your parents, but have u considered staying with then until u get back on ur feet?

  7. it'll be ok, and yes, saying it can change your mindset.
    Could it be female related??