Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Pictures!

Here's a picture of Fatie-lady when she first sat without support a few months ago. This is the most recent picture of her i had on my computer.

And here she is pretending to play her daddy's video game. :) She so ridiculous cute!


With Jesse right after she was born.


  1. That's so adorable :3 Glad to have you back :D And congratulations on liking your body for once ^_^ There's nothing to not love :)

  2. So adorable I think my head just exploded, or I got a nosebleed of rainbows or something. You have made a gorgeous little girl! Congratulations and I wish you all the luck in the world and lots of patience for the toddling and school years and teenagerness :p

  3. Fate is just beautiful! I think it's great you can work and you're happy :) I'll pray for you guys. I miss your regular posts, but it's okay to be busy! Stay healthy, you deserve it.


  4. I can never get over how cute she is when you post photos!! Like seriously, I don't often think babies are cute (mostly I think they look like aliens), but Fate is GORGEOUS. Must take after her mummy!! :)

  5. she is so beautiful :) i wondered where you had gone!

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  7. Hi hon!
    I've just finished reading through your entire blog, and I must say you completely inspire me.
    You never quit trying, even though it was super hard, and you and Jesse's love is inspirational all on its own. And you and Jesse and Fate! (who is gorgeous I might add!)
    And I started my own blog! I'd feel really honored if you could check it out sometime, although it's pro ana so I wouldn't want to trigger you :)

  8. Wow what a journey. I just went through and read all of your blogs. First of all, your daughter is freaking adorable! She has the perfectly shaped head. All of the struggles you went through are so worth it for her. I'm so happy that you have someone as great as her and Jesse in your life. You really do deserve it. Good luck with everything, the apartment, the job hunting, the parenting (especially the sleepless nights!) I'm looking forward to reading all of your current blogs :p.
    By the way, I still think of Jesse as Jacob :D
    Love, Useless Trauma

  9. You selfish girl you! I have honestly fell in love with your posts. The way you make Ana an actually being although still a figment of your imagination is utterly brilliant! I called you selfish because you havent posted anything. You give me hope ana's girl. Hope that one day I'll be beautiful. Please post

  10. You're calling your baby fatie? Talk about passing on your disorder to an innocent child.

    1. Ummmmm... her name is Fate, so we add the ee to the end of her name. Fatie is most definitely not the same as fatty.

  11. I'm a little late adorable is that last picture??? Too sweet!

    Best wishes, I always send you good thoughts.